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  1. It's up to You

From the recording It's up to You


IT'S UP TO YOU (Marvin Scott) I got this feeling for you baby I know that you're feeling me too We can do a little something And I gotta leave it up to you I'll be honest with you baby Don't want you for my lady I got my thing to do You and me we can start a groove So what you want to do See it's up to you girl if we're gonna make it You're walking a line and I can't take it It's up to you girl if we're gonna make it This question is real so let's not fake it You say you don't know if you trust me But I say that you just can't hang and go You got a history of heartache And that's something that's out of my control You got to look inside your heart girl Don't mock what you're afraid of Got a cloud hanging over you That's why you're stuck in the blues So what you want to do? See it's up to you girl if we're gonna make it Don't fight the truth, you can't escape it It's up to you if we're gonna make it So give your heart so you can break free Girl talk to me It's up to you It's up to you It's up to you girl It's up to you