Break Down on Me


Break Down on Me is a bit of a departure from our funky sound. This one is more southern soul with rock and blues elements.

Released July 2, 2019 Written by Jason Mitchell. Featuring Eric Mobley (vocals, keyboards), Jason Mitchell (guitars, vocals), Michael Williams (bass, vocals), Jeff Pivin (drums), Ian White (percussion), Marvin Scott (sax), and Rich Cross (trumpet). Recorded by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios. Produced by Jason Mitchell and John Herrera. Horn arrangements by Jason Mitchell, Marvin Scott, and Rich Cross.

Calumet was formed in 2001 by Eric Mobley and Jason Mitchell out of their love for classic funk and soul. Their first album, Retro Energy (2002), staked out a unique sound, and the band was a presence in Phoenix for years, playing shows with Kool & the Gang, Al Green, & George Benson. After a 9 year break, Calumet has been reborn and is once again bringing the funk to Arizona and beyond.

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